Black is Beautiful

"Mother Earth"

Please note: This is the original & it was sold. However, we can recreate this painting. 

The title of this masterpiece was inspired by my best friend, Shaneqwa. When I created this piece I wanted insinuate her broad & strong shoulders to symbolize the weight mothers carry from second to second, day to day, month to month, season to season and generation to generation. The different colors in her hair represents prayers, different people she cared for, while some not being her biological children. That was my view of this painting...

However, as the saying goes, the glass could be half full or half empty. There is always another way to look at it! If you just turn it, this painting could be someone going up the hill to reach their destiny...while to one person the colors represent hair but to another the colors represents leaves/dreams...However you may view it, always be open-minded. For she is Mother Earth. #demetriasartstudio #masterpiece #mother #earth 

By: Demetria Kirkman, Demetria's Art Studio 

$100.00 16x20, acrylic, #D182

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