Abstract & Free

"Conference Talk"

The anticipation has been setting in since the meeting was placed on the calendar. Each day conversations were taken place in the breakroom, conference room, restrooms and even in the parking lots. Each day, each person's anxiety escalated about the agenda for the upcoming meeting. The day is here and as each person slowly walked into the conference room, their employer walked in last. The silence abruptly came across the room...then, their employer said, YOU ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH and walked out of the room! I want to encourage you, those times when you are feeling anxiety seeping in, remember, YOU ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH!!!! 

#demetriasartstudio #conferencetalk 

By: Demetria Kirkman, Demetria's Art Studio

$125.00 #D192, Acrylic on 16x20 Canvas

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