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I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and welcome you with open arms!

My name is Demetria and I am the proud owner and creator of Demetria’s Art Studio. It is my goal to provide education, love, joy, and tranquility through art expressions. Being creative has always been my forte and what better way to exemplify creativity through art!! It is my aspiration that when you receive a masterpiece from Demetria’s Art Studio, you will discern the love it took to create your artwork!

Just to give you some history about myself. I am proud to say I am a (HBCU) historically black college graduate of Fayetteville State University, home of the marching Broncos!!! ATTITUDE CHECK, BRONCO PRIDE!!

I have had the wonderful experience of being an educator for fifteen plus years, ranging from preschool to fifth grade. I truly value education and being the best version of myself without any hesitations or reservations. I am forever grateful to my wonderful & amazing parents. They have always let me, and my siblings be creative and grow into our own. My grandparents and ancestors' strength allowed me to dream and see those hidden blessings come to life!

You may wonder how Demetria’s Art Studio got our start. Well, it all began July 2020 during COVID-19. During this time, I found myself becoming very restless and bored at times…so, I’ve always had art supplies around the house and during that time, that’s when Demetria’s Art Studio began to come to life. You see, it started with me posting a painting of “teacups” on Facebook. To me it was just a post but to others it was an art expression that sparked their interest, and the rest is history! I am looking forward to embarking on an art journey with you!

Best Regards,


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